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The open fund of key laboratory
The breeding construction point of State Key Laboratory of Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology, Jiangsu Province
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The breeding construction point of State Key Laboratory of Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology, Jiangsu Province, was approved for project construction by Department of Education, Jiangsu Province, in 2004, and was accepted and selected as a new round of the breeding construction points of Stake Key Laboratory in 2014. The laboratory relies on the National key-point discipline of the Agricultural Electrification and Automation, and Jiangsu Provincial Priority Academic Discipline of Agricultural Engineering, characterizing with agricultural production in the river basins of Yangtse and Huaihe, we focus on the research of such equipment as the protected agriculture, planting & harvesting, water-conservative drainage & irrigation, etc, thus conducting research of the applied base and critical technology in the modern agricultural equipment, and upgrading agricultural mechanization level in this region and nationwide. The total areas of lab are about 7000 m2, and the total amounts of laboratory equipments are about RMB 70 million yuan, including 182 sets of large equipment costing more than RMB 0.1 million yuan.

There are 55 staff members, including 3 management staff, the proportion of senior research staff is 71% among full-time research staff, and 92% of full-time research staff awarded doctoral degrees. The laboratory has constructed two Jiangsu Science and Technology Innovation Teams, including 33 high-level talents, such as, National Outstanding Youth, National Special Branch Plans, Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize winner, Chinese Academy of Sciences Hundred Talents, national candidate of "Millions of Talents Project", New Century Talent of Ministry of Education, the first, second and third levels of training projects of Jiangsu Province "333 "project, Jiangsu Province Blue Project training objects and Six Talent Summit of Jiangsu Province and so on.

Currently the laboratory is focusing on 2 National 863 Key-point Projects、1 National Science and Technology Support Program、2 Key Projects of National Natural Science Foundation、 6 Key Projects of National Science and Technology Support Program, and 22 other national projects, awarded project funding RMB 102 million yuan; We also undertake 20 Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province-Outstanding Youth Fund and other major provincial projects, approved project funding RMB 5.59 million yuan.

Since the construction of laboratory project, we have been awarded for 3 Third Prize of National Technology Invention Awards, 2 Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards; 15 First Prize of Provincial and Ministerial level Awards; 2 Ho Leung Ho Lee Prizes; 38 Second Prize of Provincial and Ministerial level Awards; 15 Third Prize of Provincial and Ministerial level Awards; 2 Golden Bridge Awards; 1 Chinese Patent Excellent Award; 1 Gold Prize of International Invention Exhibition; 1 Second Prize of China International Industry Fair Pavilion for Excellent Exhibits of Chinese Universities Exhibition; 1 Bronze Prize of China International Industry Fair; 2 Chinese Research achievement Awards; 1 Gold Prize of Jiangsu Provincial Patent. Over 1222 academic papers are published in core-above periodicals, including 146 SCI papers, 484 EI papers. 22 monographs and 8 textbooks are published. Two US patents are authorized, 4 international patents are applied, 185 national patents are authorized, 122 national invention patents are applied, 61 software copyrights are approved, and 33 patents are transferred.

The laboratory has broken through in the core technology of agricultural equipment and technology, formed significant industrial technology supports, created a number of original achievements with independent intellectual property rights, promoted the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure of agricultural equipment in China and Jiangsu province, improved the technical level of traditional agricultural equipment industry, broken the blockade of foreign technology, guaranteed the food security and supply of vegetables, it also promoted the change of agricultural development pattern through the modernization of agricultural equipment, and carried out a resource-saving and environment-friendly, intensive, and standardization of agricultural production, and achieved coordinated development of agricultural efficiency and rural incomes, and new rural construction, as well as promoted sustainable development of agricultural equipment industry and national economy. It has become an integrated base for China’s agricultural engineering research and technology, a training base for senior specialized technical personnel, and an important base of academic exchanges, and it has also become the main force leading China’s agricultural engineering discipline development.

2. Targets

According to the requirement of “Country urgently needed、World-class”, the laboratory aims to follow the basic principle of “demand-oriented, fully open, the depth of integration, innovation leads”,  insist on "high starting point, high standard, unique", establish the innovation basic theoretical system of agricultural equipment technology, achieve a major breakthrough in the original research of common industrial key technologies, and become a critical strategic source of agricultural equipment, the birthplace of innovation, key technology radiation, ground transportation of high-level talents and international exchange center. The laboratory will try to be the promote strength that drives China to be across from a major agricultural country to an agricultural power, and the innovation capabilities improved as a world-class level, and strive to become the State Key Laboratory.

3. Research directions  

(1) Micro-climate controlled environment-crop interaction laws and wisdom control;

(2) Agricultural granular materials dynamics and planting and harvesting machinery design theory;

(3) Efficient transport of medicine and fertilizer and equipment design theory;

(4) Field information perception and process control for machine systems.

4. Joint, Open

The laboratory will strengthen exchanges with foreign renowned teaching, research and development institutions in this area, and promote the scientific research, personnel training, academic exchange and other aspects of substantive cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture, Wageningen University, Netherlands, Kyoto University, Japan, Mie University, the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and Kaziranga University, India, etc.

The laboratory open fund will be set up, it will implement operational mechanisms of “open, mobile, joint, competition”, and accept relevant domestic and foreign visiting scholars.

For the purposes of servicing the local economic development, and according to the laboratory management system, the laboratory will take booking, compensation use method, large equipments will be included in the shared collaborative network for large equipment of Jiangsu Province, and it will be open to society for the equipment use.

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