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The school inspection and auditing group visited the theoretical learning center group of the college party committee for a special study
Date:2023-11-21   View:

On November 20th, the Party Committee of the school of Agricultural Engineering conducted a special study on the theoretical learning center group of the Party Committee in the 1026 conference room of the college. Yin Chaofeng and Qiu Lihua, members of the school tour and observation group, attended the meeting, while Party members and leading cadres of the Agricultural Engineering College and Party members of the Joint Learning Branch - Facilities Department Party Branch participated in collective learning. The study is presided over by Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Committee of the school of Agricultural Engineering.

The attendees shared their learning experiences around the learning theme, combined with previous learning. In the key speech segment, Huang Wenyue, Vice Dean of the College of Agricultural Engineering, and Zhou Jun, Deputy Secretary and Vice Dean, respectively focused on "firmly grasping the leadership of ideological work" and "carrying out ideological work well to seek high-quality development". Combining with their respective fields of work, they exchanged learning experiences and sentiments, as well as the college's ideas for promoting related work.

Yin Chaofeng highly affirmed the topic selection and organization work of the theoretical learning center group of the college party committee, and believed that the college was fully prepared and the topic selection was accurate in this study. The attendees had in-depth thinking, and their speeches were related to practice. The content was rich, the scope was broad, and the characteristics were distinct. At the same time, suggestions were made to the college to adhere to a problem oriented approach and improve learning quality.

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