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The School of Agricultural Engineering held a symposium for non party representatives
Date:2023-11-21   View:

On November 20th, a symposium for non party representatives from the School  of Agricultural Engineering was held in the 1026 conference room of the college. Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Agricultural Engineering, presided over the meeting, while Jia Weidong, Dean of the School of Agricultural Engineering, attended the meeting and get feedback and suggestions from non party members.

Representatives from various democratic parties and the Overseas Chinese Federation of the attending colleges gave speeches one by one, proposing suggestions and opinions on professional construction, research funding for young teachers, support for teacher participation in industry exchanges, promotion of organized scientific research, construction of experimental bases, and internal exchanges within the college. At the same time, non party representatives also put forward suggestions on the standardized management of school delivery electric vehicles and the storage of experimental drugs. The attending leaders explained and responded to the opinions and suggestions of non party representatives one by one on site, focusing on the progress made by the college in promoting the construction of off campus bases and answering the questions of teachers on individual matters.

Jia Weidong highly affirmed the suggestions and opinions put forward by non party representatives for the development of the college, stating that non party representatives are an important reliance and backbone of the college's development. The college will attach great importance to and carefully study the suggestions and opinions put forward by the attendees, actively coordinate resources from all parties inside and outside the college to promote relevant work, and timely provide feedback on progress to non party representatives. Liao Zhiling expressed gratitude to non party members for their contributions and support to the work of the college in all aspects. He stated that the college will continue to actively support the work of democratic party members around the construction of the provincial united front base, make every effort to solve the problems raised by everyone, gather consensus in providing good management services, work together with non party members, create a new pattern of united front work, form a brand of united front work in the college, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the college's cause.

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