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The School of Agricultural Engineering holds the 2024 Postgraduate Entrance Examination Sprint Mobilization Conference
Date:2023-11-15   View:

On November 15th, the School of Agricultural Engineering held a mobilization conference and condolence event for the postgraduate entrance examination, titled "Making Dreams Come True, One Graduate Study is Determined", at F304 of Leisi Building. Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college, Zhou Jun, Deputy Secretary and Vice Dean of the Party Committee, Ling Zhiyong, Deputy Director of the Guan Gong Committee, Ji Guanya, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Machinery, Song Jinxiu, Deputy Director of the Department of Facility Agriculture, Counselor Xue Yanwei, and the 2024 graduate entrance examination students attended the meeting. The meeting is chaired by Xue Yanwei.

At the beginning of the meeting, Liao Zhiling analyzed the number of applicants and employment situation over the years, affirmed the efforts of his classmates, and put forward five suggestions. Firstly, he emphasized the need to strengthen confidence and not be afraid of difficulties; Secondly, persist in striving and never give up; Thirdly, pay attention to methods and improve effectiveness; Fourth, balance work and rest, pay attention to the health;Fifth, help each other and travel together. Next, Xue Yanwei showcased the college's prepared condolence gift package to the students, using "Orange" to symbolize success in the postgraduate entrance examination, an "Orange" to symbolize success in their dreams, and succeed in the government examination. He also distributed stationery sets and customized cola to the students. Subsequently, Ling Zhiyong helped students analyze the differences between undergraduate and master's degrees and the advantages of pursuing a master's degree from the perspectives of employment pressure, salary level, and work situation, telling them to believe in themselves and not give up easily; Ji Guanya suggests that students develop a suitable review plan based on their own situation. In the last 40 days, they should check and make up for deficiencies, make up for weaknesses, simulate the actual situation of the exam, and adapt to the exam intensity in advance; Song Jinxiu analyzed the postgraduate entrance examination situation and review progress of students in the Department of Facility Agriculture, encouraging them to build confidence, plan their sprint time for review, and achieve information sharing and mutual cooperation during the review process.

Finally, Zhou Jun stated that the college has always attached great importance to the first-time success rate of students taking the postgraduate entrance examination, and has taken multiple measures to build a platform, create conditions, and ensure the safety of students taking the exam. He hopes that students taking the postgraduate entrance examination can cherish the opportunity, prepare with a good attitude, apply with full confidence, and strive to submit a satisfactory answer sheet!

This symposium fully reflects the importance and care that the college attaches to the students taking the postgraduate entrance examination. Through the distribution of postgraduate entrance examination condolence products, the students can feel the warmth of the college and help everyone face the upcoming challenges with a good spirit. Sincerely wish every graduate student who takes the postgraduate entrance examination can achieve a master's degree in one battle!

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