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The First Clean Government Calligraphy and Painting Competition "Teachers and Students Collaborate in Writing and Promoting Integrity, Hand in Hand to Spread the Heart of Agriculture" was held
Date:2023-11-13   View:

On November 10th, the School of Agricultural Engineering held a clean government calligraphy and painting competition in the activity room of the college's trade union, where teachers and students worked together to promote the spirit of agriculture. Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Agricultural Engineering, Zhou Jun, Deputy Secretary and Vice Dean, as well as Ling Zhiyong, Deputy Director of the College's Work Committee, and Zhu Wenjing, the chairman of the trade union, attended the event and served as judges.

The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage is the "Ink Treasure Competition", in which teachers and students prepare original calligraphy and painting works in advance and participate in the competition in the form of finished products, with the participation of faculty members expanding to family members; The second stage is "on-site integrity writing", where participating teachers and students write anti-corruption related poems or sentences on site. The competition lasts for 30 minutes, including bilingual works by ethnic minority students. The entries are themed around understanding and loving agriculture, diligence, frugality, and integrity, presented in two forms: painting and calligraphy. Calligraphy is divided into two types: hard and soft. Nearly 30 works were received in the competition, and after selection and evaluation by a jury composed of on-site leaders, guests, and representatives of teachers and students, a total of 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes, and 16 third prizes were awarded. Ling Zhiyong presented certificates and prizes to the award-winning students.

This event was coordinated and planned by the Party Affairs Office of the college, and jointly organized by the college's labor union, relevant work committee, and youth league committee. It was actively launched by the party branch and youth league branch and received widespread attention from teachers and students. The activity aims to promote the intergenerational transmission of "family assistance for integrity" and integrity awareness through showcasing the talents of teachers and students, advocating for correct moral concepts, and strengthening the construction of demonstration points for agricultural and industrial characteristic integrity culture with integrity, diligence, thrift, and hard work.

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