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The November Party Branch Secretary Work Regular Meeting was Convened with the slogan "Success Must Be With Me"
Date:2023-11-10   View:

On November 8th, in Room 1026 of the Leisi Building, Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Agricultural Engineering, presided over a regular meeting for the Party Branch Secretary's work in November. Zhou Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of the College of Agricultural Engineering, the Director of the Party Affairs Office, and the secretaries and some members of the College's branches attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Liao Zhiling provided guidance on the work of the party branch, comprehensively boosting the morale of the branch's work. Emphasize that each branch should build a strong fortress for combat, fully leverage the exemplary role of Party members, lead teachers and students to uphold the spirit of mission and responsibility of "success is guaranteed by me", unite and strive for excellence; We should focus on the establishment of party building benchmark departments, actively learn from advanced typical experiences, plan and plot early, tap into the highlights of the branch, create its characteristics, and comprehensively showcase the style of the branch; We must make our work practical and meticulous, with no blind spots in all aspects, actively mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers and students, scientifically divide labor internally and actively coordinate externally, promote the high-quality development of the integration of party building and business, and "unite and create performance". At the same time, the spirit of the school's party work meeting was conveyed, and the recent key work of the branch was deployed, requiring each branch to carefully compare the annual target task assessment indicators for self inspection, and strive to pass the year-end assessment with excellent results.

Zhou Jun emphasized the development of party members and disciplinary inspection work at the meeting, and conducted on-site research on the establishment of student branches.

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