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The School Of Agricultural Engineering Holds a Special Conference on United Front Work
Date:2023-11-10   View:

On November 7th, the School of Agricultural Engineering held a special meeting on united front work for this semester in the 1026 conference room of the college. The meeting was chaired by Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Agricultural Engineering, and all members of the Party Committee of the College attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Liao Zhiling conveyed the relevant work on united front work at the school's party affairs work meeting, with a focus on preparing for the assessment of the Jiangsu Province United Front Unity Education Base, ethnic and religious work, and education management for overseas returnees. Emphasis should be placed on comparing the construction standards, doing a good job in the construction of the Tongxin Education Base, keeping the work on a daily basis, planning and coordinating well, summarizing and condensing well; To deepen understanding among teachers and students, understand their needs, help ethnic teachers and students solve development difficulties, and actively promote the Party and the state's ethnic and religious policies; We need to strengthen the education and management of overseas personnel, and provide services for returning personnel.

The participants exchanged views on strengthening contacts with non party people in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Regulations of the CPC on the Work of the United Front. Everyone agrees that we should strengthen our communication with non Party members, especially senior non Party intellectuals and non Party youth, carefully listen to the opinions and suggestions of non Party members, and jointly plan and promote the creation of the Double First Class in schools.

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