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The School of Agricultural Engineering holds a symposium for young teachers
Date:2023-11-10   View:

On November 8th, the School of Agricultural Engineering held a symposium for young teachers in the new semester in the F304 conference room. Professor Liao Zhiling, Secretary of the College Party Committee and Director of the relevant work committee, Professor Jia Weidong, Dean of the College, and nearly 20 young teachers who are striving on the front line of teaching and research attended the meeting. The meeting is chaired by Jia Weidong.

Jia Weidong first introduced the purpose and significance of the symposium, analyzed the current situation and shortcomings of the college's teaching staff, as well as the talent difficulties faced by the college's development. At the same time, he fully affirmed some of the achievements of young teachers in recent years, and expressed sincere gratitude for their contributions in talent cultivation, teaching and research, social services, agricultural machinery culture inheritance, international exchange and cooperation in the college.

Young teachers actively spoke up and discussed and exchanged ideas from the perspective of assisting in the development of the college's career, taking into account personal education and teaching, scientific research, project application, professional title evaluation, industry university research cooperation, and working environment conditions. Young teachers also suggest that the college can build more platforms for the rapid growth of young teachers in organized scientific research, regularly hold academic salons for young teachers to strengthen cooperation between college teachers and sister colleges, support young teachers to participate in domestic and international academic conferences to strengthen academic exchanges with prestigious universities, and regularly invite peer experts to the school to give academic reports to improve the academic level of young teachers. Director Jia patiently answered the questions raised by the young teachers on site one by one, The college will do its best to strive for resources, build platforms, and provide support for the moral education and teaching and research work of young teachers.

In his concluding speech, Liao Zhiling emphasized that the school is currently in a period of historical opportunity to serve the major strategic needs of the country, a period of enhancing the connotation of high-quality characteristic development, and a critical period of creating "Double First Class". It is necessary to deeply study, promote and implement the spirit of the fifth Party Congress of the school. The college attaches great importance to the growth and development of young teachers. Young teachers are a powerful force for the development of the college and are related to the future of the college's development. If young people prosper, the college will prosper, and if young people are powerful, the college will be powerful. Finally, we encourage young teachers to closely focus on creating first-class disciplines in agricultural engineering, take moral education as the foundation, actively integrate into the team, pay attention to and participate in major national strategic needs, accelerate the improvement of their academic abilities and comprehensive literacy, and grow and progress in a united and harmonious working environment.

This symposium is also one of the series of activities organized by the College Work Committee to care about the growth of young teachers. Through the symposium, the understanding between the college leaders and young teachers has been deepened, and communication among young teachers has been promoted. The college will carefully sort out a series of problems and difficulties faced by the development of young teachers, strive to build a platform to gather strength, provide guarantees for the rapid growth of young teachers, and provide good services.

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