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Fact sheet from the School of Agricultural Engineering regarding the allocation of the 2022 Graduate Increment Plan
Date:2022-03-30   View:

According to the "Notice on the issuance of the Incremental Plan for 2022 Graduate Students" of the University, the allocation of the additional plan has been decided as follows after the study by the leading group of the re-examination and admission of graduate students of the School:

(I) 082800 Agricultural Engineering major (Direction: 1. Agricultural mechanization and equipment engineering, 2. Agricultural soil and Water Engineering, 3. Agricultural Biological Environment Engineering and Energy Engineering, 4. Agricultural Electrification and Information Engineering, 5. Agricultural biological system engineering) added 3 plans for regulating;

(II) 085508 (full-time) Agricultural Machinery and Equipment engineering major (direction: Agricultural mechanization and equipment engineering) added 3 new plans for adjustment;

College of Agricultural Engineering

March 30, 2022

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